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About Us

The Doron Peretz Law Firm is engaged in civil and administrative fields of law and specializes mainly in matters of personal status through residential and work permits (visas) – immigration matters and civil status in Israel, drawing up wills, matters of guardianship, inheritance, spousal property agreements and consultation for the private and public sectors on complex and diverse issues, conducting negotiations and preparing various types of agreements and issues in commercial law such as network franchises.


The firm is headed by its founder Adv. Doron Peretz – who holds an LLB degree in Law and also at BA degree in Business Administration and Economy. The firm provides a comprehensive and personal, professional legal solution to each of its clients – private and corporate, and ensures that all the client’s affairs will be handled with appropriate attention, meticulously and with sensitivity pursuant to the needs and the objectives of the case.

As far as we are concerned “to be a client of our firm” means: receiving comprehensive and appropriate support for every legal requirement: personal, corporate and commercial. At our firm the client benefits from peace of mind and confidence which are, as is known, an advantage for customers benefiting from personal, professional and excellent service.

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The added value of the firm

Adv. Peretz’s reputation precedes him in the private, public and corporate sectors. Adv. Peretz served as a CEO and in senior positions in large companies and organizations in Israel and overseas, both in the private market and the public sector. Inter alia, Adv. Peretz managed a public corporation that led one of the first and largest umbrella agreements in the State of Israel.


Adv. Peretz has considerable managerial experience, which constitutes significant added value to the service enjoyed by his clients, and this both due to professional reliability and the discretion that he uses when handling every client, and due to the comprehensiveness of his work and the intellectual creativity invested in handling every issue on the agenda.


Adv. Peretz combines legal, marketing, operational and technological understanding and he has a profound knowledge of the construction, infrastructure and communications, network franchises, trade, vehicles and transportation industries. Throughout the years Adv. Peretz has always ensured to acquire updated knowledge by means of relevant training, workshops and courses that interface with the firm’s fields of legal occupation.


All these and more offer the firm’s clients a complete and comprehensive mantle of legal protection, which the client enjoys throughout the period of legal support that he receives from our firm.

The fields of law provided by the firm:

  • Personal status

  • Visa and immigration issues and status in Israel

  • Drawing up wills

  • Guardianship, handling of inheritances

  • Spousal property agreements

  • Civil and administrative law (such as: labour laws. tort laws, the relationship between the authority and the individual)

  • Consultation to the private and public sectors

  • Preparation of various types of complex contracts (partnership, contractors, real estate, merger and acquisition).

  • Commercial law (such as: network franchises, companies and corporations laws, founding a business and so forth).

The advantage of our firm in the field of commercial law

Adv. Peretz has considerable practical, legal and managerial experience in the field of large corporations, companies and organizations. Over the years of his occupation in management, Adv. Peretz has accumulated countless successes in leading large projects, management of complex tenders, management of negotiations, signature on contracts, work with directors, and with diverse entities including committees, institutions and government ministries. As a result of his development and leading strategic processes, as well as leading broad-based and comprehensive changes in their management in practice – Adv. Peretz has developed a broad systemic vision, which integrates his legal, operational, budgetary and managerial abilities – abilities which are beneficial to the clients.

The advantage of our firm in the field of civil law

Adv. Peretz’s considerable experience is expressed in the field of the individual and in issues of various aspects of civil law. The firm handles these sensitive issues on diverse levels – starting from preparation of spousal property agreements and wills, including handling matters of guardianship and inheritance and through to support of the firm’s clients in matters of immigration – residential and work permits (visas), civil status in Israel. As a result of Adv. Peretz’s considerable experience in civil matters, the firm provides its clients with meticulous and appropriate attention and sensitivity pursuant regarding their personal lives, and also offers peace of mind and confidence, which are, as is known, an advantage for clients benefitting from excellent professional service.

It is important for us at the Adv. Peretz law firm to ensure that every client, private, corporate and commercial, receives the best personal and professional consultation. Adv. Peretz’s considerable experience, his professional expertise and his willingness to stand alongside each and every client enables each of the firm’s customers to benefit from personal and excellent legal support at every stage required for him in his legal proceedings.  

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